All about Wallpaper


There are many styles and patterns of wall papers, from floral designs and damasks to geometrics and stripes. This is due to advancement in printing techniques and a new generation of innovative designers which made the image of wallpapers refreshed.


Today, statements walls are as coveted as the latest must-have rugs, thanks to collaborations with top names in design. Digital design enables paper to be custom made, while individual artists are creating bespoke designs equal to limited edition art. You should stamp your home with your personality with some colorful and wonderful wallpaper.


There are many techniques by which pattern makes its way onto luxury cushions wallpaper, each with certain characteristics.


The most widely used technique is surface printing. Heavy amounts of ink are laid down by rollers, which then creeps when it hits the paper. This produces a thick, flat appearance that looks like block printing and is well suited to multicolored floral designs.


Screen printing can be done by hand or by a machine. With this technique vibrant opaque colors are printed with crisp edges that can be laid on top of each other.


Flexographic printing is an updated version of surfacing printing using rubber rollers. Less ink is used and the image provided is more exact.


Gravure uses a hard engraved cylinder. It can product more fine lines and precise designs.


Carved wood blocks are used in traditional block printing. These wood blocks are aligned by hard. Three or four blocks are required to make a pattern and produces papers with big repeats that are exceptionally beautiful. The process is labor intensive but the finish it gives is something that you would not be able to achieve on a machine. This is the reason why the price of this navy blue wallpaper is twice the price of other wallpapers.


There are many companies today that still use the traditional techniques of making wall paper. But their archive prints are being edited and reprinted using different scales or with contemporary colors.


Traditional methods use layers of flat color to build up patterns, but the latest digital printing techniques can create amazing subtleties and full, rich colors. Digital patterns are produced on a computer, so your designs are not limited in any way.



Digitally printed wallpapers can also be customized. You can change the scale of the pattern, choose a different background or even match colors to anything you fancy. You can also print the paper to the exact size of your space, so there is no need to cut the design and no waste at all.